HyperParasite Devlog, Entry #3

What a week!

It's been an amazing week! HyperParasite was covered by Rock Paper Shotgun:

HyperParasite on Rock Paper Shotgun

Look mama, I'm on Rock Paper Shotgun!

You can read writer Dominic Tarason's honest feedback here: HyperParasite on Rock Paper Shotgun

Also, we've been featured on Indie DB:

HyperParasite on Indie DB

HyperParasite featured on Indie DB!

A lot of people played the prototype here on Itch.io, and a couple of youtubers published some very funny video reviews:

There are lots of updates and new stuff on the development side as well:

  • A brand new playable level is coming (Chinatown)
  • New in-game GUI
  • Animated mugshots
  • Co-op!

Here's November video update showing some of the new features:

Stay tuned for more!

-- Troglobytes

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