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cool game! it took a minute to learn the ropes, but was pretty fun from then on. it's inspiring to see a game undeterred by a kickstarter campaign that didnt meet its goal. hope the recent launch went well!


It took me several hours, but I DID finish it.

Very funny video! And congrats on beating Double Trouble :D


Thanks! Now I need to go do it again until I can get that last brain. And maybe explore the sewers again.


Sorry to hear the kickstarter was unsuccessful; game still looks amazing, really inspiring that you're still working on it despite the adversity.

AH! Thanks so much for the early look! I'll probably be back for another episode, but as always, amazing work!


Holy hell this is a lot of fun! It feels so fast and heavy, and o I love the body swapping mechanic. The visuals and the music kick ass too! Just an all around fun game. Looking forward to more!

Wow, thank you very much! :D

We had a lot of fun watching your video!

You stopped right before the Boss battle, though!


You wanted more, I wanted more, I think everyone wanted more! So here is more! Seriously though, I absolutely love this game! Looking forward to all that is to come of this glorious creation of yours!

That's more like it! The boss battles were just epic :)


great game very fun.  has vast potential.

but what needs work

first of all tutorial i bet you hear that a million times (sorry)

second what i believe should be a mechanic in this game is the ability to change bodies on command with ought  wasting lives. if you run out of health there should be loss of life but changing  bodies should be a mechanic with a cool down. 

in the end i rate it 8/10 for potential. 

Hey @pingasnpringles, thank you very much for your feedback!

How would you combine body-snatching with a cooldown?

By the way, a lot of sub-mechanics in this game are tied to the concept of Items (both Permanent and Consumable); body-snatching on command, for example, is one of them. You'll be able to do that but you must first unlock the relative item.


I really think that this early access demo has allot of potential. I love the art style and the general gameplay and I think all that needs to be done is to refine the controls and to add more content. But I do think that a tutorial is needed just to introduce the main controls to the player. Do that and I think that you may have something really good. 

Wow, a video review, nonetheless! Thank you very much for playing the game and recording the video :)

We totally agree with you, a tutorial is desperately needed to explain the controls and some of the game mechanics, it's definitely on our to-do list!

A few notes that may make you enjoy the game even more:

  • The 3 characters you see in the selection list at the beginning of the game are just the characters you start with (it will be explained in the tutorial); in this build you can unlock 5 more characters to begin a new run with; the final version will have all those slot filled with characters to unlock!
  • In order to unlock a new character for the selection list, you must kill one specimen of that particular class, grab its DNA (the glowing blue sphere they release when they die), and you have to complete the level (defeating the boss)
  • Some of the characters in the selection list can unlock even more stuff (Special Characters, Items, etc.); in order to do that, you have to complete the secondary mission (the Sewers) using that specific character!
  • Destructibles (barrels, crates, phone booths, etc.) may drop loot (HP points, Parasite lives, etc.)
  • You can use the explosive red barrels and the vehicles as a diversive; hitting them with a melee will make them start a countdown process that will lead them to explode; you can use that to kill more enemies
  • Each character class comes with its own Special Attack; you can activate that with Left Trigger button
  • The small box in the upper-right of the screen is a mini-map, you can use that as a reference when you don't know where to go, or you can just use the bigger map (using left special button)
  • If you use right special button, you can pause the game and have a look at some stats, read what the controls are, etc.

Thank you again for your interest and support!

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First impression: really cool game! Looks very polished and is fun to play!

Some positive notes:

  • this music is brilliant
  • graphics and sound top-notch
  • I really liked the pacing of rooms and waves

Some negative notes:

  • only worked with a controller (not KB/Mouse)
  • controls were not intuitive to me (personally), for example in Gattling Gears, just aiming the shoot-stick == shooting
  • it was not clear to me why at some point my machine gun was exchanged for a shotgun or a grenade launcher. (also not why is the shotgun not autofire)
  • hazards in 'double trouble' were a bit overwhelming compared to a relatively easy game before that. i'd introduce them gradually over the course of 6 rooms or so
  • enemies don't seem to shoot a lot, they could definitely shoot more often

Great game, good luck on further development!

Hey @bugshake, thank you very much for taking the time to play the game and give us your feedback, we really appreciate it!

  • We are currently working on new features and updates, KB/Mouse support being one of them!
  • Not sure about the shoot-stick = shooting thing, we got different character classes (melee, ranged, etc.) and that would favour ranged over others
  • Yeah, yeah, that's because of the lack of a proper tutorial; what you were experiencing is the "body-snatching" mechanics: when the character you're controlling dies, the Parasite will snatch into the closest enemy on the screen, and you'll be able to exploit its own abilities/weapons/skills; I agree it's not perfectly clear without any notice and/or tutorial, and in this build some character classes share the same graphics; this should be addressed in future versions
  • We tried and parametrized all AI values, so we could easily make them more/less aggressive/responsive; since we showcased this same build at an indie event last month, we decided to go easy on players and make it more enjoyable, but we're planning to have difficulty levels for that

Thank you for your support!